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Asset management company for One REIT, Inc.
and One Private REIT, Inc.

Simplex REIT Partners Inc. provides asset management services to One REIT, Inc. (a listed REIT) and One Private REIT, Inc. (a private REIT).

In the operation of One REIT Inc., we focus on bringing in a medium to long-term growth, with the investments mainly in Middle-sized buildings and urban retail facilities, while securing stability and profitability by maintaining and enhancing asset value.

In the operation of One Private REIT, Inc., we aim to achieve sustainable growth, with the investments in rental residential properties, while securing long-term and stable profit by taking an advantage of features as a private REIT.

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Financial Instruments Firm Registration(Investment Management Business)Kanto Financial Bureau (Kinsho)No.342
Member of The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
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